We use state-of-the art technologies applying them in a practical manner for our clients to stay ahead [of the competition]. As a differentiation advantage, we transform “Big Data” into business opportunities.

Customer Satisfaction

Research at any point of the client’s journey! The research can be made by phone, e-mail, SMS, WhatsApp, RCS (Rich Communications Service) or a combination of several modes. We use methodologies such as NPS (Net Promoter Score), CSat (Customer Satisfaction Score), CES (Customer Effort Score), self-adjustable questionnaires, among others – and decide together what is the best option for your business! We use AI (machine learning) for developing “intelligent” questionnaires targeted to each “persona”, as well as for reading and ranking of comments (open questions), besides BI (Business Intelligence) tools to generate data matching, enquiries and additional reports. The projects can be followed up by the Web Portal containing dashboards and customized reports. The exclusive “Red Alert”, 360 degrees module allows the follow-up with a dissatisfied client as well as a reevaluation of his/her experience.


We organize clinics for the development of products (before or during the development of the prototype), product positioning, pricing, design acceptance and set-up, comparison with competitors and product quality. Static evaluation (real or virtual prototype/2D), dynamic evaluation (with interviews during and after the test-drive and product evaluation) complemented with closing mini-groups. A special mention should be given to our CONJOINT ANALYSES that allows us to better understand the preferences of the audiences, calculate the optimum price, share, profitability of each desired option – it comes with a simulator using all the variables of the research database.

*Cars, 2 Wheels, Trucks/Buses, Machines and products in general

Qualitative Research

Various solutions for deepening the knowledge of the consumers and assist the brands. Groups or mini-groups, in-depth interviews/deep dive, pairs, triads or conflict groups – in-person* or online**. In addition, we develop ethnographic interviews, immersions or home visits, customer councils, semiotic analyses, curatorship and trend analysis, workshop for activation, ideation/co-creation, online communities, among others. Neuroscience is also adopted on an ancillary basis to gain access to the non-oral dimension.

*in-person projects adopting all health and security procedures recommended by the Brazilian Association of Research Companies (ABEP). **in the online projects for any qualitative methodology, we use the Zoom or Teams platform and develop procedures that since the recruiting phase ensure the success of each interview, group, council or workshop.


Brand and Ad

Assessment of the impact of Communication on Brand Building, including tests of Advertising Campaign and Communication in general. We help our customers with emotional analysis of the consumer experience, which optimizes short-term and long-term purchase decisions.

Brand Positioning & Product

Branding analysis and positioning suitable for the target audience. Identifies, defines and guides the most relevant attributes for brand perception and communication arguments. They range from qualitative and quantitative studies to semiotic analysis.

Churn – lost customer

The “Churn” survey allows us to understand the customer’s reasons for leaving the dealership during the warranty period, as well as their relationship with the Brand and intention to purchase/services in the future. The main objective is to identify and act on the internal and external factors that led to the abandonment of the brand.

Non-shoppers Research

The survey with “Non-Buyers” aims to understand the real reason for not buying a product of the brand and the main motivations for eventually buying the similar product from the competition. The target audience is potential customers who visited the Store/Dealership, had a contact (made an inquiry) and did not buy.

Mystery Shopping

Customer experience evaluation through the Hidden Customer methodology, identifying aspects about: Satisfaction/NPS and Audit of processes, quality and prices (final transaction value, parts, labor). Collections/visits carried out in person, by phone or online. We have a shopper team with the right profile throughout Brazil. With the results, we provide all the references of your customers’ experience, enabling comparisons with competitors’ customers.

Customer Council

Qualitative methodology that seeks to bring the consumer closer to the brand/business, listening closely to their questions, needs, pain points, in a branded way and with the participation of the company’s top management. Why create a client council? – Direct channel with the client/ Generates empathy and loyalty – the client becomes a counselor – Sensitizes top management/ Gives greater credibility to the research findings – Promotes improvements/ Stimulates actions corrective care, quality and composition of products and services

Consumers Panel

We have our own panel (FALAÍ) with thousands of young consumers aged between 18 and 24, constantly being updated. We also have partners (Brazil and LATAM) with the registration of millions of consumers and in the most varied profiles. Understanding consumers is critical to monitoring whether your products and services are meeting their needs, as well as providing opportunities for growth. Online survey, fast, with a high rate of adhesion and suitable for LGPD (accepted) due to the predisposition of the respondents once they had previously registered for market research purposes.

Organizational weather research

The Organizational Climate Survey is a strategic tool for people management, directly influencing the company’s success. It is an efficient tool to measure whether the work environment is balanced and emotionally healthy, which directly influences the increase in productivity, attraction and retention of talent in the company.