We have our own operations teams (CATI, FACE-TO-FACE, MYSTERY SHOPPER, among others), trained and with a focus on our client’s business, with a low turnover and constant learning of new methodologies and training.


CATI interviews/year


CAWI interviews/year


FG and mini-groups/year


E-mails sent/month



Automotive clinics (quali/quanti)/year


CATI Positions Currently, working via Home Office or through partners We conduct Global projects, running in 17 countries simultaneously, using the same Web management platform. Native interviewers for Global projects, LATAM level.

We use our own recruitment area to guarantee quality in the qualitative phase

Data security and reliability; Processes that guarantee the Quality of the information collected; Use of the terms indicated by ABEP, ISO and LGPD.
We have a team with more than 20 years of experience in qualitative and quantitative recruitment, clinics and other profiles; A team trained in research, code of ethics, ABEP, ISO and LGPD regulations; Recruitment by telephone and in specific cases in person; With our partner suppliers we are present throughout the national territory; Partner suppliers trained and audited by the Quali Recruitment Area.
FastQuest is the collection system developed and used to collect data from respondents for the survey; All the collection, verification and validation of the recruitment filter is carried out by the system; Used by our recruitment and partner providers; With different levels of access for each user both for viewing and extracting data; Insertion of the list sent by our customers, not allowing downloading and subsequent deletion after use.

Field controls and information security

Quantitative Control

Own developers (Web, database, BI, IT); Database consistency system customized according to the Customer’s needs;

Own KPIs and special ones for ‘Real time’ control of the field of interviews – transparent to the Client;

Personalized Web Delivery Portal, following all safety standards and in line with the requirements of the LGPD;

Analyses, statistical studies and reports according to the Client’s needs;

Strict compliance in handling information.

Qualitative Control

Recruitment team and moderators experienced and trained in research, code of ethics and GDPR – internal in São Paulo and projects with listing + partner suppliers in other markets;

Recruitment by telephone and, in specific cases, in person; Internal quality processes for recruitment, information gathering and analysis;

Specialized and trained partnersfor transcriptions, simultaneous and written translations, field/clinical logistics;

Analysis, statistical studies and reports according to the Client’s needs;

Platform for online community and studies (recollective).

Information security

Different databases;

Firewall, antivirus, SSL certificates, USB blocks and strict security rules;

Data encryption;

Security policy, backup, change management and disaster recovery;

Adaptation to the rules of the new LGPD.

Data security and confidentiality

Processes that guarantee the Quality of the information collected and disclosed;

Internally developed systems that enable rapid changes and innovations.