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Route Automotive uses the latest technologies and applies them in a practical fashion so that clients can stay ahead of the competition. As a point of difference, it transforms Big Data into business opportunities.

Satisfaction Tracking

Periodic monitoring of customers’ levels of satisfaction with sale and post-sale services or product quality. Detects points that might be improved and aspects, in addition to factors that influence recommendations.

Satisfaction Tracking is definitely essential to building loyalty and managing the Company-Client relationship.

Continuous Dealer Management

Monitoring of all stages of the buying process and brand relationship.

Management using customized websites, dashboards showing results, and online monitoring using Red Flag 360º - automobile, commercial vehicle, agribusiness, motorcycle segments, financial products, and others.

New Development Product

Development of new products, identification of habits and attitudes, pricing, and concept testing.
Using these studies, we help our clients to adjust their strategies and increase the chances of eliciting a more assertive perception of their brand on the part of their clients.

Brand & Ad

Assessment of the impact of communication on brand building, including testing of advertising campaigns and communication.
We aid our clients with the emotional analysis of the customer experience in order to optimize short- and long-term buying decisions.

Brand & Product Positioning

Analysis of branding and positioning tailored to the target audience.
We work on defining the impressions you wish to build and sustain in your clients’ opinions, how your brand wants to be perceived, and guide the proper positioning work.

Evaluating service

Surveys of satisfaction levels with specific services provided, at points of sale, over the phone, or online.
For example, evaluation survey of the 0800 service (Call Center).

Mystery Shopping

Evaluation of the customer experience using the Mystery Shopper methodology, identifying specific aspects at the time of the purchase or during the post-sale period (checkups or maintenance).
We have people with the right profile located all over Brazil – we supply all the references on your customers’ experiences, enabling comparisons with the competition’s customers.

Pricing practices

Survey of pricing applied to your product or service (vehicles, parts, labor, public) by your distribution network (dealerships) and the competition.
We supply the data necessary for you to analyze your network’s attitude, discount and bonus policy, advantages, special campaigns, etc., and your positioning in relation to the market and your competitors.

Qualitative Research

Conduct of focus groups, clinics, ethnographic and in-depth interviews, as well as other techniques.
We work with moderators who are experienced in a range of segments, principally Automotive.

Consumer panels

We have partners (Brazil and LATAM) with a registry of thousands of consumers having a variety of profiles.
Understanding your consumer is fundamental to monitoring whether your products and services are meeting their needs, in addition to providing opportunities for growth.
Online surveys, fast and offering a high response rate since respondents are predisposed to participate because they enroll beforehand for market research.